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Swann Surveillance Systems

Swann Security

Swann Security is probably known as the most popular CCTV manufacturer Globally.  Swann has been providing CCTV for over 30 years and was established in Melbourne.

There are many opinions about this brand, however we have been selling Swann for more than 18 years, 10's of thousands of systems, and many many cameras.  Overall Swann is a very successful, reliable brand, with very low return rates. This is contrary to many keyboard warriors who may have had a bad experience.  

These days with Swann's latest 4K IP Systems, these are great value for money with many smarts found in more expensive brands.  Swann is definitely the choice of brands when it comes to home and small business installations.

There are 2 main systems available from this manufacturer - AHD or IP.  AHD uses COAX cable and is very much a budget system, low  price point focused.  There are limitations with this technology however for most users, more than enough to view and protect their homes.

The other option is IP, this uses Cat5e cable.  IP Cameras allow smarts and a more stable system.  IP systems cost a bit more, however Cat5e cable is a better choice for long term installations.  IP Systems also allow for extended features like face detection, line crossing detection and AI (Artificial Intelligent) options.

Let's take time now and set your expectations (push notifications) when it comes to alerts on your mobile. All brands suffer from unreliable, false notifications to your phone. Birds, bugs, changes in scenes all trigger notifications.  You will get false notifications from all brands, this is just the way it is. You can reduce these triggers however you will need to spend time tweaking the settings, however there is still a limit to how much these can be altered.  The technology is getting better, however not perfect.  Manufactures will make statements that refer to True Detection, Reliable Detection etc, these are marketing terms.

Swann Budget Systems

Swann Budget Systems are COAX Cable Based Systems that are built as a low cost option.  These systems do not include any smarts however offer good quality images.

4580 Series 2MP
4680 Series - Enforcer 2MP
4980 Series - End of Line
5580 Series - Current 4K Series

Swann Premium CCTV - IP

Referred to as IP Systems, the range of Premium CCTV is Cat5e based cabled Cameras and Recorder for best performance.  Intelligent features like Face Detection, Line Crossing are all options available in these series.

7580 Series - 5MP - End of line

8580 Series - 8MP(4K)

8680 Series - 8MP(4K) - AI

Wireless CCTV Cameras

If you are unable to run a cable, then wireless is the option.  Swann have 3 options when it comes to wireless cameras.

Note: a WIRED setup is always the best option.  Wireless can be troublesome.

3 Options:

Kits with a base

Battery Wireless Cameras

Standalone IP single cameras

Intercoms & Accessories

Swann's Video Intercom Systems are a great budget way of having a door bell with video and audio.

Check out the range here.

Swann also has a variety of extra cables, door chimes and general other products

VIP Vision CCTV Systems

If you are looking for more of a Commercial Grade product, then look no further than VIP & Watchguard. Boasting a 4 Year warranty, this range of CCTV Systems are more industry standard and tend to work with a large range of ONVIF cameras. 

Unlike Swann, that uses a proprietary standard, VIP recorders are more flexible when it comes to using them with "other" branded cameras.

Don't be fooled by price, there is a reason why some systems are more expensive than others.  Things to look out for are, for example,  incoming bandwidth. Many budget systems will only have a low 80Mbps incoming bandwidth that will limit the maximum resolution you can record at.  200-320Mbps means you can run all your cameras at full resolution, and max bit rate. On playback, when the image is grainy and you cannot make the image clearly, you will be disappointed you didn't invest in the better system. 

12 Cameras at 8Mbps each = 96Mbps, an 80Mbps recorder just won't give you full resolution and some cameras will need to be lowered in record quality. It is kind of like trying to win Bathurst on a 4 cylinder race car. 



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