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Michael S.
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The delivery was very quick and excellent quality.<br /> Sadly however I was trying to replace a CPU2 with a CPU4 which doesn't...
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Waclaw O.
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I,m very happy with this system.Allready installed and operating very good.
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Our range of GSM Wireless Alarms are easy to install and set up. You can insert a GSM sim card to receive alerts via your mobile phone. This means you do not need an internet connection or even phone line to be alerted when the alarm is triggered. This makes them great for holiday homes and remote properties where no phone line is available.

GSM Wireless Alarm Systems

GSM Wireless Alarm Systems

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Watchguard LC-PACK1 2020 3G Wireless Home Office Alarm...
Price A$438.00
Watchguard 2020 Wireless Solar Powered PIR
Price A$238.80
Watchguard ALC-RSW1 2020 Door/Window Reed Switch
Price A$28.00
Watchguard ALC-RPT1 2020 Wireless Alarm Kit Signal Repeater
Price A$129.00
Watchguard ALC-PNB1 2020 Wireless Alarm Panic Button
Price A$43.80
Watchguard ALC-KP1 2020 Wireless RFID Keypad
Price A$84.00
Watchguard ALC-SIR2 2020 Solar Powered Wireless Siren &...
Price A$178.00
Watchguard ALC-SIR1 2020 AC-Powered Wireless Siren & Strobe
Price A$68.00
Watchguard ALC-PIR2 2020 Wireless Ceiling Mount PIR
Price A$58.00
Watchguard ALC-PIR1 2020 Wireless Pet Immune PIR
Price A$58.00
Watchguard ALC-SMK1 2020 Wireless Smoke Detector
Price A$58.00
Watchguard ALC-GB1 2020 Wireless Glass Break Detector
Price A$58.00
Watchguard ALC-FLD1 2020 Wireless Flood and Leak Detector
Price A$54.00
Watchguard 2020 Wireless WiFi Alarm Pack with Camera
Price A$466.00
Watchguard 2020 Standalone WiFi Security Camera
Price A$198.50
Showing 1-18 of 18 item(s)
Showing 1-18 of 18 item(s)