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Glenn C.
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Purchase of Swann 4 Camera Security System
InFront Technologies provided a very fast delivery. The unit was well packaged and at a good price. The unit would not work...
This Customer posted this view for their order on the 03/09/2018.
Scott M.
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Great set
This set is amazing. The camera's can see everything. The picture during the day is the same at night but in black & white.
This Customer posted this view for their order on the 10/08/2018.

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Swann SWDVK-847804D 3MP 2TB CCTV Surveillance Kit
  • Swann SWDVK-847804D 3MP 2TB CCTV Surveillance Kit
  • Swann SWDVK-847804D 3MP 2TB CCTV Surveillance Kit
  • Swann SWDVK-847804D 3MP 2TB CCTV Surveillance Kit
Swann SWDVK-847804D 3MP 2TB CCTV Surveillance Kit
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Swann SWDVK-847804D 3MP 2TB CCTV Surveillance Kit Swann SWDVK-847804D 3MP 2TB CCTV Surveillance Kit Swann SWDVK-847804D 3MP 2TB CCTV Surveillance Kit

Swann SWDVK-847804D 3MP 2TB CCTV Kit with 4x SWPRO-3MPMSD Dome Cameras

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In Stock
  • Swann SWDVR-4780 3MP Recorder
  • 4 x 3MP Dome Camera
  • 4 x 18mtr BNC Cables
  • Viewing angle @ 64°
  • Weatherproof indoor / outdoor cameras
  • Included 2TB Hard Drive for long recording time
  • Uses Smart Detect for more accurate motion detection
  • Access from Mobile devices / push notifications

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Swann 8 Channel Security System: 3MP Super HD DVR-4780 with 2TB HDD & 4 x 3MP Thermal Sensing Cameras PRO-3MPMSB




This system features Swann’s True Detect PIR Thermal Sensing technology to reliably detect heat-generating moving objects, such as people, large pets & cars. With more accurate motion detection you have more reliable notifications & recording, eliminating false triggers such as falling leaves, bugs, rain & more, saving you hard drive space & playback time. Capture amazing detail with 3 Megapixel resolution, which has 52% more pixels than Full HD 1080p (2MP). Identify faces, license plates and clothing patterns with crystal clear images and enjoy peace of mind 24/7.





This surveillance system comes with a massive 2TB hard drive & 4 weatherproof PRO-3MPMSB security cameras built tough for the outdoors or indoors. See in the dark up to 30m with the camera’s powerful infrared night vision. The cameras come with BNC cables. If your property has existing BNC cables, we advise you to test your new system for 2 days with the existing cables before full installation. For optimum performance, we recommend you use the new cables supplied. Expand your kit by adding up to 4 more cameras for a complete 8 channel surveillance system, suitable for medium-sized businesses & detached homes for monitoring indoors & outdoors.



The HomeSafe Views app ensures you’ll always be connected to your home or business, allowing you to see the cameras on your phone or tablet. You can even search the recordings to play them back, wherever you are in the world. Keep an eye at home on everything else that matters to you, such as your kids, pets or tradespeople. If you have a business, you can always see the cashier, warehouse and check in on your staff’s safety. And of course, if anything happens, you’ll have video evidence in 3MP Super HD.


Products Features:

  • Innovative True Detect Motion & Heat-Sensing

True Detect is a step up from the traditional Motion Detection technology. The camera has a PIR sensor, the same technology used in alarm systems, to detect moving heat-generating objects, such as people, large animals & cars, to trigger recording and alerts. True Detect eliminates false triggers from traditional Motion Detection, such as leaves falling, small birds & plants moving with the wind.


  • Accurate Push Notifications

Thanks to the high detection accuracy delivered by the True Detect Thermal Sensing technology, smartphone push notifications will be really relevant to the user, as notifications will only be triggered if a large warm moving object is detected by the PIR (passive infrared) sensor. This way you can know if there’s someone roaming around your driveway or backyard.


  • Crime Prevention: the true value of True Detect

Pixel-based Motion Detection tends to generate a lot of false triggers, such as plants moving and birds. If your DVR is set up to email you in every Motion Detection event and most of the events are irrelevant, you’ll most likely turn the email alerts off, and when real security incident happens, you’ll only find out when you get home

With True Detect, Motion Detection is only triggered by heat-generating objects, like people and cars, which represent a real threat to your property. When an event is detected, you’ll get a push notification on HomeSafe View app, allowing you to see the scene in real and act swiftly to prevent any security incidents which could have had a much higher financial impact than the cost of this security system.


Motion Detection

Thermal Sensing
Motion Detection


Any movement in the image triggers recording: birds, plants moving etc

Only heat-generating objects trigger recording: people, cars etc

Tree moves with wind:


It records
Not Relevant
Tree branches moving with wind trigger an irrelevant recording
No recording
No False Trigger
Tree doesn’t trigger recording because it’s not a warm object

A person walks through:


It records
Movement from tree, dogs & person triggers recording
It records
Moving person triggers recording because it’s a large warm object

Bedsheets move:


It records
Not Relevant
Bedsheets moving due to wind trigger irrelevant recording
No recording
No False Trigger
Bedsheets don’t trigger recording because they’re not emitting heat

Moving car:


It records
Records car because it’s a movement in the image
It records
Records car because it’s
warm & moving
  • QuickShot Cloud saves snapshots to your Dropbox account

You can set up the security system to take still images and save them to your personal Dropbox account in the cloud. So even if your security system gets stolen or destroyed by any burglars, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you can go online and access snapshots from your security cameras.


  • The right security kit for your property
An 8-channel kit suits medium businesses & detached houses, which will need outdoor & indoor monitoring. The included 4 cameras can be installed on the most vulnerable points. You can still add up to 4 more cameras for a total of 8 to cover blind spots you may identify later. Try to imagine yourself as a burglar & think about which weak points of your property you would use to break in & what you want to monitor to know how many cameras you’ll need.
  • Instantly link your phone to the DVR

Once your DVR is connected to the internet, simply install the HomeSafe View app on your smartphone or tablet. Then scan the QR code sticker on the DVR to instantly start viewing the cameras on your device with Swann’s peer-to-peer SwannLink technology. See video.


  • View your home on your phone

You have peace of mind at your fingertips with our easy-to-install, free, HomeSafe View app. You can see the cameras live and playback recordings on your smartphone or tablet, no matter where you are in the world. Keep an eye on your kids or babysitter at home, and monitor your staff and business for productivity and protection.


  • Massive surveillance grade hard drive

The massive 2TB HDD is designed especially for continuous surveillance recording. You can easily transfer incident video files to a USB stick or to a computer on your network. You can boost storage by setting up Motion Detection Recording. With such massive storage, you can come back from your long vacation and still find recordings from a while back.


  • Weatherproof cameras built for any climate

Use them as outdoor cameras or indoor cameras as they are built tough to withstand whatever the weather throws at them: rain, snow, dust and hot days. With IP66 weatherproof rating and cables threaded through the stand for extra protection ensure you can rely on their performance, day in, day out.


  • See everything day or night

No matter if it’s day or night, you’ll be able to see everything up to 30m with the powerful infrared Night Vision. The cameras will automatically switch to Night Vision and record in black and white as the night falls.


  • See what you’re getting with this footage sample video

All footage in this video was generated with the 3 megapixel DVR-4780 with PRO-3MPMSB cameras. Check out the image quality of day & night vision.


  • Super HD 3MP with HDMI cable

The kit also includes an HDMI cable for generating up to Super HD 3MP video to your flat screen TV including LCD, LED TVs or monitors. The DVR also has a VGA connection for viewing up to 1080p Full HD on your LCD monitor or compatible TV with VGA input. VGA cable not included.


  • Smart Search easily finds recorded incidents by searching a specific image area

With Smart Search, you can select a specific area of the image to search for movement within the recordings. For example, if something was stolen during a particular hour’s footage, you can highlight the position of the stolen object – for example, a laptop, bike or bag - and Smart Search will mark the timeline where it detected motion around that specific area.


  • QuickShot lets you quickly review recordings from multiple cameras

QuickShot is a time saver to find what you want from recorded footage. This feature lets you search all channels in a given period of time and then select the recordings from the search results to play as a slideshow all on the same screen. Once you see an event of interest, such as someone roaming around your car, you can then go into that specific footage to watch the event.


  • QuickReview plays back various recordings from a single camera

Imagine arriving home to a broken window. Using QuickReview saves you time in identifying how and when it happened. Only one of the cameras will have covered that specific angle but as you can simultaneously play multiple recordings from a single channel, you can watch them all at once. The video is divided evenly depending on the split-screen mode that has been selected. For example, if the video is an hour long and you have selected 4 split screens, each will play for 15 minutes.


swann-swnvk-8478t4d2-8ch-3mp-nvr-6-x-3mp swann-swnvk-8478t4d2-8ch-3mp-nvr-6-x-3mp swann-swnvk-8478t4d2-8ch-3mp-nvr-6-x-3mp


What's Included: 


All items listed are new in original manufacturers packaging
* DVR-4780 8 Channel DVR with 2TB Hard Drive
* PRO-3MPMSB 3MP Cameras x 4
* BNC Cables 18m x 6
* Ethernet Cable
* HDMI Cable
* Power Adapter & Splitter
* Mouse
* Mounting Screws & Plugs
* Operating Instructions
* Theft Deterrent Stickers 


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