Swann 8MP SONVK-886804 4K 2TB...
    Swann 8MP SONVK-886804 4K 2TB...
    Swann 8MP SONVK-886804 4K 2TB...
    Swann 8MP SONVK-886804 4K 2TB...
    Swann 8MP SONVK-886804 4K 2TB...
    Swann 8MP SONVK-886804 4K 2TB...
    Swann 8MP SONVK-886804 4K 2TB...
    Swann 8MP SONVK-886804 4K 2TB...
    Swann 8MP SONVK-886804 4K 2TB...
    Swann 8MP SONVK-886804 4K 2TB...
    Swann 8MP SONVK-886804 4K 2TB...
    Swann 8MP SONVK-886804 4K 2TB...
    Swann 8MP SONVK-886804 4K 2TB...
    Swann 8MP SONVK-886804 4K 2TB...
    Swann 8MP SONVK-886804 4K 2TB...

    Swann 8MP SONVK-886804 4K 2TB Security Camera System 4x NHD-887MSB 8MP 4K Camera

    In Stock - Ships from Sydney
    • **New** Face Recognition
    • Cameras Powered with POE
    • Cameras Have 93° Angle of View
    • Reliable Wired Connection
    • See & Hear Everything in Ultra HD
    • Protection 24/7
    • Heat Sensing
    • Set & Forget
    • Know Who’s There
    Hard Disk Options


    Swann NVR8-8580 4K / 2TB / 4 x NHD-887MSB 4K Bullet Cameras




     Reliable Wired Connection

    Protect your loved ones & property with this multi-camera, wired surveillance system with everything you need to do-it-yourself or have it professionally installed


     See & Hear Everything in Ultra HD

    See faces, license plates, packages & capture audio with state-of-the-art 4K Ultra HD, that’s 4x clearer than 1080p with powerful digital zoom – ensuring you won’t miss a thing

     Protection 24/7

    Know what’s happening at any hour with powerful night vision up to 150ft/45m in total darkness (200ft/60m with ambient light) & the ability to see color video at night. Add 4 more cameras for full 8 channel monitoring

     Heat Sensing

    Swann’s True Detect™ heat & motion-based PIR detection reliably captures & records activity, with fewer false triggers & reliable push notifications

     Set & Forget

    Enjoy free local recording for up to 300 days+ onto the massive 2TB hard drive with no fees ever. Also, backup footage to your Dropbox account.

     Know Who’s There

    Face recognition lets you know the people you care about are safe.


    Ultra-Impressive 4K

    With 4K Ultra HD video you have professional-quality surveillance to see everything that’s happening live or in playback mode, plus you can zoom in close to see car license plates, faces, tattoos, logos on clothing, labels on boxes & so much more.

    Recognize Faces

    Know the people you care about are safe with free facial recognition to generate personalized alerts & trigger recording.


    Speak to See

    Enjoy hands-free security using voice commands. Stream video from your camera via the Google Assistant & Chromecast, Google Home Hub, or via Alexa devices with a screen, such as Echo Spot, Echo Show or 4K Fire TV.


    Hear What’s Happening

    Hear off-screen noises & identify voices by their gender, age, accent & language. Record conversations & make sure your family, staff & customers are being looked after.


    Protection 24/7

    See in the dark up to 45m or up to 60m in ambient light with the powerful infrared night vision which automatically kicks in as the night falls.


    Save Evidence Off-Site

    Upload footage from up to 2 cameras & still images from all cameras to your Dropbox account in the cloud. So even if your recorder gets stolen, you’ll have video evidence off-site.


    Free Local Storage

    The massive 2TB HDD can store months of recordings before it starts saving over older footage. Easily transfer videos to a USB memory stick or download via the network, with no ongoing fees ever.


    Easier PoE Installation

    Power over Ethernet (PoE) means power, video & audio run through a single Ethernet cable per camera, making installation a lot simpler.


    Smart Video Alerts

    The latest video analytics recognize visual elements to trigger recording & alerts. Set up Face, Line Crossing, Perimeter Intrusion, Static Object & Person Detection, Crossing Counter & more to know what’s happening sooner.


    Good for Business & Home

    This system is designed to protect & cut crime at small businesses & large homes. Position the cameras to watch over entrances, yards, driveways, parking lots, shop floors, store rooms, customer service areas & more.


    Add Spotlight Cameras

    Swann’s latest 4K Spotlight Cameras are powerful crime fighters you can add to this system. The cameras prevent unwanted activity with their super-bright motion-sensing spotlights, loud sirens & two-way talk to greet visitors or warn intruders.



    What's Included: 


    All items listed are new in original manufacturers packaging
    NVR-8580 8 Channel NVR with 2TB Hard Drive
    NHD-887MSB 4K Bullet Cameras x 4
    Cat5e Ethernet Cable x 5 (18m x 4 & 1m x 1)
    HDMI Cable
    Power Adapter & Splitter
    Mounting Screws & Plugs
    Quick Start Guide
    Theft Deterrent Stickers


    Connection Type
    Swann - AU
    12 Month + 6 Month Bonus
    Kit - Cameras included
    4x Cameras included in this Kit
    Camera - Resolution
    8MP 4KUHD (3840x2160)
    Recorder - Video Inputs
    8 Ethernet RJ45 Sockets PoE
    Recorder - Display Resolution
    Up to 4K with full 8MP cameras
    Camera - Day & Night
    Both - Day and Night (IR cut Filter)
    Camera - Lens Angle of View
    93° Angle of View
    Kit - includes Screws & Mounting Plugs
    Kit - includes Theft Deterant Stickers
    Kit - includes Cable
    18 Meter Pre-made CAT5e Ethernet cable - per camera
    Camera - Dimensions
    151mm x 70mm x 70mm
    Camera - IR Rating (Night Vision Distance)
    Up to 45m or 60m in ambient light
    Camera - IP Rating - Ingress Protection - Weather Resistance
    IP66 - Weather Proof - Strong Rain
    Camera - Audio Inputs
    Built in Microphone
    Recorder - Hard Disk Drive - Included
    2TB Installed Drive
    Kit - includes Mouse
    Kit - includes HDMI TV/Monitor Cable
    Kit - includes Ethernet Cable
    Recorder - Max Capacity HDD
    1 SATA port, Maximum 6TB
    Recorder - Audio Input
    Via Microphones in Camera
    Camera - Audio Microphone
    Camera - Body Construction
    Smart Home Compatibility
    Amazon Alexa / Google Assistant
    886804, 174351879923, SWNVK-886804, NVK8680, NVR886804

    What is Supplied?

    • This kit comes with an 8 Channel Recorder with a 2TB Hard Drive
    • 4 x 887MSB Bullet Cameras & 18 metres of Cat5e cable
    • Power Supply, Mouse, mounting screws for cameras, security stickers, ethernet cable to router and a 1mtr HDMI cable

    Does this need to be plugged into the internet?

    • This can run without an internet connection however you will not be able to remotely view the cameras.
    • Without the internet, updates will not be available.
    • Yes, many customers run these systems without internet.

    Do I need to run a cable from the box to the router?

    • This is optional however to view the cameras remotely on your phone, a connection is required.
    • There is a 1 metre ethernet cable in the box to connect.
    • For those of you that cannot run a cable, or running the cable is too hard - there is an ANTENNA available (search usb antenna) - this will create a wireless link to the router.


    What is the night vision like?

    • In total darkness the cameras see in Black and White to about 30-40mtrs, the image is very clear.
    • It is always a good idea for ANY system to help it out with some additional lighting, we suggest a sensor light which will serve two purposes - scaring away the intruder and assisting the camera.


    I would rather wireless.

    • Running a WIRED system is ALWAYS better than wireless no matter how much glossy advertising or TV commercials the big players invest.
    • Wired systems are stable, no drop outs, no need to replace batteries weekly and all round more solid solution.
    • We always recommend avoiding a wireless camera system.


    How far can I run the camera cables?

    • IP / Ethernet Systems like this can run up to 100 Metres.
    • You are supplied in the box 18mtr cables, we have various lengths available should you require longer cables.
    • We always recommend CAT6 however Cat5e will work fine.


    How do I view the cameras?

    • Swann provide a free app via the App stores
    • You need to make sure you have an internet connection
    • Open the app, scan the QR code / user / password & fingers crossed the images should appear.


    Is Swann reliable?

    • We have been selling Swann for over 15 years and during this time we have seen many models come and go.  Swann has always been an affordable DIY home product with lots of features.  So, yes Swann is a very reliable brand backed with simple returns process and phone support.  For every 1 bad story, there are 100 good stories & most people make plenty of noise when they have a problem.  Out of the thousands of systems we sell, the return rates are very, very low.  Would we recommend it?  Short answer is yes, however everyone's requirements are different so it is important to match the correct system with the requirement.

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