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Angekis Blade
Angekis Blade
Angekis Blade
Angekis Blade

Angekis Blade USB2 HD PTZ Video Conference Camera

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  • A professional low noise CMOS sensor
  • Auto Focus
  • RS-232 with international standard Visca protocol
  • Pan and Tilt
  • Preset Camera Positioning
  • Just Plug and Play


Angekis Blade USB2 HD PTZ Video Conference Camera




The Blade USB2.0 HD PTZ Camera is the perfect high-quality direct input solution producing full HD video at 30fps. You’ll double take at the image quality of the Blade rivaling models selling at triple the price! The Blade is the perfect solution for small to medium-sized conference rooms, huddle rooms, lecture theatres and more.


Product Features:


Depth of field

The lens has an excellent field of view enabling you to see near and far subjects without the need to adjust the focus.  You’ll find that all the people around the conference table will be in focus no matter how near or far.


Video quality

A professional low noise CMOS sensor brings you a vivid HD image in low lighting.



A professional autofocus bring a fast and smart focus system to make sure the blade will always bring you a crystal-clear video call anytime.


Preset Camera Positioning

The supplied IR remote control allows the user to remotely control the pan/tilt With the addition of Preset Camera Positioning capabilities, users can now store up to 10 preset camera positions via the remote control, and over 200 positions using RS-232 controls. Switching the camera focus between multiple staff members can now be achieved with the click of a button!


Camera control:

At the back of the camera, we have RS232 with the international standard Visca protocol to allow far end camera control.


New Belt Drive

The new belt drive with twin motors enables pan and tilt functions to be smoother, quieter and faster.


Mounting via G-sensor

The Curtana is reverse mountable and can easily be attached to a standard thread tripod. G-sensor built-in


Just Plug and Play

Simply plug and play via USB 2.0 directly into any Mac or PC and instantly use video conferencing applications such as Skype, Zoom and more at HD quality with any extra hardware or installations. Setup and use is simply a breeze!


Package Includes:


All items listed are new in original manufacturers packaging
Power Adapter
Power Cable
RS232 Control Cable
USB3.0 Cable
Remote Controller
User Manual
Monitor Mount
Double-sided Adhesive
1 Year Warranty
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