Affiliate Commissions & Conditions


Become an InFront Technologies Affiliate / Referrer today & get PAID$$$


The following information is provided for calculation of Commissions, rules and operation of our system.


Every time you refer a customer to our website you receive payment in the form of credits in your account.  Even if a customer is just browsing, you receive click credits then larger commissions when they purchase from our website.  These are then available to withdraw in the form of cash(PAYPAL) or vouchers.

Once your account hits $50AUD then you are entitled to withdraw your funds via PAYPAL or convert them into voucher for use in our store.  Funds are sent in Australian Dollars to your registered email address, PAYPAL fees, exchange rate and charges may apply to your payment.


False referrals, website click-generators or the like are not allowed and your account will be suspended, all credits will be forfeited.


Payments / Rate (Subject to change without notice) - $AUD:

For every referred customer to our site you are entitled to:

  • Per Click $0.01.
  • Per unique Click $0.05.
  • Per Sale $1 + 2.5% of the total value.


Your Funds / You Account:

  • Balance transferred to INFRONT Vouchers for use on our website are multiplied by 1.2 ($100 = $120 Vouchers)
  • Minimum withdrawl amount $50AUD
  • Australian Affiliates require an ABN or withhold tax will apply.
  • At present we only offer PAYPAL as a form of payment.


The following rules apply to our system:

  • Payments are available for up to 1 year, if no activity is on your account, any outstanding amounts will be forfeited.
  • Referred Customers are remembered for 5 days, therefore customers who purchase on the 6th day will not reflect as a referral.
  • Referrer A versus Referrer B --> in the event a customer is referred by A, then again referrer by B.  The sale will be commissioned to B
  • Customers for life, you will continue to receive commissions from future purchases (50% of normal rate).  Customers will not change if referred again, your customer is safe with you.

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