DVR Microphone to CCTV Security Recorder
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DVR Microphone to CCTV Security Recorder

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  • Simple Condenser Omnidirectional Microphone
  • Requires Power or Battery 9V-12V
  • Sensitive and Small
  • RCA Output, requires RCA Lead


Sensitive Omnidirectional Microphone to suit CCTV Secuurity Recorder

This is a perfect microphone to add to your existing DVR Kit.  Position anywhere and it will provide clear sound.  Similar to a small cassette recorders microphone, these are very sensitive and will pickup all sounds in the room.  The quality of audio will depend on background noise and the sound level of the subject you are trying to record.  It is important that you position your microphone as close to the "hot spot" in the room.

Supplied as a microphone only, so you will need to ensure you have a power source, as this microphone uses such a small amount of power, you could use a 2 way power splitter and use the power supply of one of your 12V cameras.  Then you will need to just purchase the RCA-RCA lead.