8980 Series - 8MP IP Enforcer AI

Enforcer IP 8MP 4K Systems with AI (Person and Vehicle Detection)

With over 20 Years Swann experience, we customize all Swann Systems allowing for:

  • Hard Disk Drive Upgrades (our recorders will support up to 8TB)
  • Mix and Match Cameras
  • Longer Cables
  • Mounting Brackets
  • Replacement Parts.

Everyday, we upgrade & change Swann systems to ensure you are buying what you need. Give us a call  on 07 5609 4910 for more info.

8980 Series Features:

  • NVR 8 or NVR 16 Option | PoE Camera Ports | HDD Upgrades available
  • 8MP 4K @ 15fps Cameras available in both Bullet and Dome
  • Flashing Red Blue Lights includes White Light for Colour Night Vision
  • Two Way Audio | Speak and Hear | or Siren
  • PIR Heat Sensing Cameras for less false triggers
  • Remote Viewing Live and Playback
  • Don't forget to consider a Battery Backup UPS as your system will not work without Mains Power.

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