iVSEC Software

IVSEC X Mobile App for NVR + Cameras

This powerful smartphone application will easily connect by just scanning the QR code on the NVR. Very similar settings to the HDMI/VGA output direct from the NVR.

Video Management Software (VMS)

Screen layout for up to 128 Cameras

This software aggregates NVR/IP cameras easily, for example, pooling viewable camera channels from across multiple separate business sites. It comes with many excellent, easy to use features. No subscription or licensing fees. Fantastic free software with the IVSEC range.

134MB Download


104MB Download

Device Config Tool

The Device Config Tool allows you to search the network (LAN) for IVSEC devices (recorders and cameras) as well as configuration and maintenance options such as modifying IP addresses, upgrading firmware and restoring system default.

30MB Download


18MB Download

Video Player

Allows you to playback exported footage in .RF format (custom IVSEC format)


Surveillance Client

Legacy VMS Application (No Longer Supported). Please refer to VMS for the latest version

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