Dahua Dual Lens IP Security Cameras

Dahua Dual Lens IP Security Surveillance Cameras

Dahua's latest dual-lens security camera models represent a significant advancement in surveillance technology. These cutting-edge cameras offer dual-lens capabilities, combining both wide-angle and zoom lenses, providing unparalleled flexibility for monitoring and capturing high-quality footage.

With advanced features such as 4K resolution, enhanced low-light performance, and intelligent video analytics, Dahua's dual-lens cameras are well-equipped to meet the demands of a wide range of security applications, ensuring enhanced situational awareness and improved overall security

Dahua 3 Year Warranty

The Dahua camera quality guarantee from Domes, Turrets to Varifocal security cameras. Feel trusted in the cameras you have chosen to last through the Australian elements.

WizMind Dahua Security Technology

WizMind Series

Vehicle Analysis: Widely used in urban roads, residential community entrances, parking lots & toll stations

People Counting: This feature provides customers with valuable data for business report analysis. It provides statistics with up to 98% counting accuracy.

Heat Mapping: Optimizes supermarket layouts and identifies high-attention products based on customer dwell time.

TiOC Dahua Security Technology

TiOC Series

Accurate Alarm: Precisely detects people and vehicles, excluding animals, leaves, and car headlights.

Active Deterrence: Employs powerful, long-range Red & Blue flashing lights, 2-way audio, and customizable voice messages (110dB speaker) for easy  app control.

Full Colour Enhancement: Enhances low-light images for precise evidence gathering of human and vehicle activity.

WizSense Dahua Security Technology

WizSense Series

SMD 4.0: Uses advanced deep learning to filter out irrelevant objects, eliminating false alarms caused by small and large animals.

Quick Pick: Rapidly identifies human and vehicle targets, streamlining the search for relevant SMD events.

Scene Self-adaption: Deep learning algorithm intelligently recognizes and adjusts to multiple scenes for optimal HD imagery.

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