9000 Series - 12MP IP Enforcer AI

Swann NVR-9000 Series

Swann 12MP NVR 9000 Series

Trade / Installers Welcome

Enforcer IP 12MP Systems with AI (Person and Vehicle Detection)

12MP sensors offer 50% more pixels than 4K. Jam packed with all of the Swann features you need to have the ultimate home security defence. Swann Mobile Live-Viewing App & 12 Months Warranty.

Swann AI Smart Zone Management

Smart Zone Management for Security & Privacy

Define Customizable Alert Zones in the camera's field of view to instantly trigger alerts upon movement. Simultaneously, prioritize your privacy with the intelligent masking feature, ensuring specific areas remain outside the camera's purview. Stay secure while maintaining your desired privacy.

Swann AI Heat Detection

New Heat Map Tracks Activity

Swann’s advanced Heat Mapping feature allows you to see onscreen where the activity you care about is happening. Easily identify high & low activity zones & areas that may be vulnerable.

Swann NVR Camera Connection
Swann 24/7 Surveillance

Round-the-Clock Security

With Swann's 24/7 recording feature, every moment is captured, offering you unparalleled security throughout the day and night.

Swann Premium Software Applications

Intuitive App Interface

Swann security APP offers seamless navigation, easy settings customization, and quick access to camera feeds, all from your pocket.

Swann 8580 NVR Storage

Free Local & Cloud Recording

The massive 2TB HDD can store months of video before overwriting older files.

Swann Google & Amazon Compatible

Voice-Activated Monitoring

Simply say "Hey Google" or "Alexa" followed by your command, like "show me the driveway," to instantly view your camera's feed on your devices

With over 20 Years Swann experience, we customize all Swann Systems allowing for:

  • Hard Disk Drive Upgrades (our recorders will support up to 8TB)
  • Mix and Match Cameras
  • Longer Cables
  • Mounting Brackets
  • Replacement Parts.

Everyday, we upgrade & change Swann systems to ensure you are buying what you need. Give us a call  on 07 5609 4910 for more info.

9000 Series Features:

  • NVR 8 or NVR 16 Option | PoE Camera Ports | HDD Upgrades available
  • 12MP 50% more pixels than 4K
  • Flashing Red Blue Lights includes White Light for Colour Night Vision
  • Two Way Audio | Speak and Hear | or Siren
  • PIR Heat Sensing Cameras for less false triggers
  • Remote Viewing Live and Playback
  • Don't forget to consider a Battery Backup UPS as your system will not work without Mains Power.

Prevent Crime

Controllable flashing lights, spotlights & sirens deter intruders

Talk & Listen

2-way audio to greet guests or warn intruders

Smart Video Analytics

Smart software, including Face Recognition, provides you with specific alerts & more detailed information

Night2Day™ Colour at Night

See colour video at night up to 10m & B/W up to 40m (Total Darkness)

12MP Mega HD

50% more pixels than 4K that allows you to zoom in & identify important details


Cameras work in rain & snow, all year round

True Detect™

Heat & motion-sensing for more reliable alerts

Easy PoE Setup

Power, video & audio via a single cable. Power over Ethernet cable per camera

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