Swann 1MP SWADS-WVDP720CAM Wire-Free HD Smart Video Doorbell Kit w Chime

Swann 1MP SWADS-WVDP720CAM Wire-Free HD Smart Video Doorbell Kit w Chime

Price includes GST.
  • 720p HD (1MP)
  • Free 30 day video storage
  • Wireless connection to router
  • Rechargeable battery or connect to wiring
  • Night vision up to 4m
  • 2-Way audio
  • True Detect heat & motion sensor
  • Weather resistant IP65 rating
  • App: SwannBuzz, View 24/7
  • Push notifications
  • Wide 112º viewing angle
  • Wireless Chime Unit
  • 36 selectable chimes
  • Warranty: 12 Months


Swann Wire-Free 1MP HD Smart Video Doorbell Kit w Chime


Most burglars will knock on the front door or ring the doorbell to check for presence. The Smart Video Doorbell lets you answer the doorbell from anywhere, so you can pretend you’re home. You see & hear visitors but they can’t see you. Just talk back like on a video intercom via the SwannBuzz app.

True Detect heat & motion sensing triggers recording & push notifications, so you’ll always know who’s been at your door. See everything in HD day or night with the 4m night vision and wide 112º viewing angle for 24/7 protection. All recordings are stored locally during 30 rolling days. No subscriptions. No fees. No ongoing costs. Ever.

Use it with the built-in rechargeable battery or connect it to your existing doorbell wiring, while internet connection is wireless. Choose from 36 pleasant melodies on the battery-run Chime Unit which you can carry around your home so you never miss a visitor.


Product Features:

  • Free video storage

Store up to 30 rolling days to the local memory. See live or playback video from anywhere. No cloud subscriptions, no fees, no ongoing costs. Ever.


Prevent burglaries

Most burglars ring the doorbell to check for presence. Answer on your smartphone from anywhere to pretend you’re home while getting recorded video evidence.


Heat & motion sensing

True Detect heat & motion sensing trigger recording & push notifications even if the doorbell hasn’t been pressed, so you can talk back to say hello or even prevent malicious activity.


Weather resistant

Mount the doorbell button outdoors, as it’s built tough to withstand the elements, with IP65 rating.


You’ll never be in the dark

The infrared night vision kicks when the night falls, allowing to see up to 4m in the dark.


Know when a package is delivered

Answer the deliveryman on your smartphone from anywhere and ask him to leave the package by the door. Then notify someone to get it right away to outsmart the porch pirates.


You see them, they can’t see you

Screen who’s at your door. See & hear on your smartphone, while your visitor can only hear you, but not see you.


Easy Wi-Fi connection

The Smart Video Doorbell connects directly to your Wi-Fi router. No hub, no DVR. No hassle.


Never miss a visitor

The Chime Unit plays a pleasant melody just like a regular doorbell. It’s battery-run, no wires. Move it around your home with a 20m wireless range to the doorbell button, depending on local obstructions.


Choose from 36 Melodies

The Chime Unit lets you choose from 36 chimes to suit any taste, occasions and holidays.


Ding Dong Christmas songs Amusement Park
Classical tonesHappy birthdayAmerican Anthem
Oh SusanaSongs with bird chirpsCuckoo


Expand your system

Add another doorbell button to your back door, or add more Chime Units around different floors of your property, so you never miss a visitor.


What's Included: 


All items listed are new in original manufacturers packaging
*Video Doorbell
*Mounting Bracket
*Mounting Tools, Screws & Wall Plugs
*USB to Micro USB
*Charging Cable
*User Manual
*Theft Deterrent Stickers