As recent as April 2020, Swann has release the new AI Series CCTV with great results.  Boasting a massive 4K / 8 Megapixel Image, this CCTV Kit boasts impressive performance for a low cost.

With multiple variations in cameras, it is available with either Bullet, Dome or Flood Light Bullet.  Using IP / Cat5e technology, you are installing a technology that is the future.  Wired connections are always the best, and using Ethernet is the best option.

Swann make available either an 8 Channel Recorder or 16 Channel Recorder with the ability to upgrade to a 6TB HDD.  This gives the end user more flexibility and expansion.

A very simple Home Safe App free from both Android and Apple Stores, makes this option affordable and Free to use for the life of the machine.

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