Swann Replacement Toshiba Hard Disk Drive to suit HD2TB-TOSH

Swann Replacement Toshiba Hard Disk Drive to suit all DVR & NVR models - 2TB HDD

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  • Original OEM 3.5" Swann Hard Disk Drive designed for Swann CCTV Recorders
  • Replacement Hard Disk Drive for all Swann NVR's and DVR's
  • 2TB Toshiba 3.5" SATA Surveillance Drive supplied as OEM
  • Suits Swann NVR4, NVR8's, NVR16's AND Swann DVR Models DVR4, DVR8, DVR16.
  • For NVW Wireless Systems, please check the drive is not a 2.5" drive
  • Simple, easy replacement Drive


Swann Hard drive replacement for DVR / NVR 2TB Surveillance Hard Disk Drive - Toshiba 3.5" 

These Surveillance HDDs are designed and tested for reliable use in 24/7 operating environments and are compatible with all Swann DVRs/NVRs. 

You can also replace the hard drive in your Swann DVR or NVR with a larger drive to extend your recording time. The below links will get you through to the compatible larger SATA hard disk drives.

These hard drives are a direct replacement for a faulty Swann hard drive and is relatively easy to replace using the below instructions which will cover most Swann DVR's and NVR's.


How to replace or upgrade a Swann hard drive.


1. Power off and unplug your Swann DVR/NVR

2. Unscrew the 2 screws on each side and the 5 or 6 screws at the back.

3. Slide the DVR/NVR cover off exposing the inside of the unit.

4. Locate the faulty Swann hard drive and unplug the cables from the drive.

5. Unscrew the drive, screws will either be located on either side or underneath the drive

6. Remove the drive and put the new drive in its place and repeat the process in reverse to screw the drive back in.

7. Re-attach the cables and make sure they are properly attached to the main board - it is important that the cables make the correct connections.

8. Finally, reverse your previous steps to re-attach the case and replace the screws.


Your Swann DVR/NVR is now ready to be powered back up. Follow the below steps to format your new hard drive.


How to format you replacement Swann hard disk drive.


1. To format your new Swann hard drive, enter the main menu on your DVR/NVR.

2. From the main menu go to the Device section.

3. Select format from the menu and format the drive. Format entire drive

4. Then click OK and enter your password, then click authenticate.

5. A message will appear noting data will be erased, click OK to continue and you are done and you new hard drive is ready to be used.


After following all of these steps your replacement HDD should now be up and running and ready to record.


If you are unsure which HDD is best for your system please do not hesitate to contact our team for advice.

  • Included is a Swann: 2TB Toshiba 3.5" SATA Surveillance Drive supplied as OEM

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