Hi there to our friends across the ditch! 

We ship products to NZ everyday, our order process is simple and your parcels can be tracked, and are covered by travel insurance.

Buying from another country can be scary, however these FAQ's will make it easy for you to understand our process and other questions.

Should you wish to call us, we have 2 options:  NZ Toll Free 0800 736 970 or +61 2 88146008



GST, Duties and costs Summary:

   You do not pay the Australian Goods & Services Tax (GST), this is removed at checkout when your NZ address is entered.
   If your order is over $AUD180 it is FREE SHIPPING!
   New Zealand Customs will check the goods and you WILL need to pay your GST and some Duties - please check the below link for more information.
        (Considering you are not paying Aussie GST and it is free freight, a little NZ duty is not really that bad)
   We charge you in Australian Dollars $AUD.


GST, Duties and costs in detail:

When you place an order with us here in Australia, we send your goods via the best method via Air, the goods arrive at NZ and go through Customs where you will be contacted and need to pay the necessary duties.  Because you are outside of Australia then we do not need to charge the Australian GST.  Our system automatically takes away this 10% when you enter your NZ address.

If your order exceeds $180AUD, the shipping is free. 

Import duties --> we DO NOT cover any duties or costs associated with NZ customs or other agencies.  We suggest you read this link for more information


NEW ZEALAND GOV Personal Duty and Customs


MORE READING --> Receiving items from overseas


What if a product is faulty?

It is your responsibility to pay for return shipping ONLY of the faulty part, we then pay for the return to you.  We think this is a fair 50/50 arrangement.  Before sending any item back, we will fault find and try to offer a solution.


Is Warranty Applicable?

Yes your product carries the full manufactures warranty, you will need to return faulty parts to us.