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A Trusted & Approved Australian Reseller, Distributor & Wholesaler of Swann, Uniden, VIP, Hikvision, Bosch, and other Brands of CCTV and Alarms.


For over 18 years InFront Technologies has been providing thousands of customers solutions for their homes and businesses for CCTV and Technology.  From small monitoring systems to large commercial systems covering the globe, Australia, New Zealand, PNG, Fiji, Somoa, Singapore, USA and UK.


Our extensive range & access to products, including local sourcing and overseas vendors makes InFront Technologies a market leader in supply and support.  All our our staff from Sales, Warehouse, Sourcing and Administration ensure the business remains ahead of its competition and most importantly Customer satisfaction.


Our supply partners listed below include well known brands like Swann, VIP, Uniden, HIKVision, Netgear, Axis, Dahua, Western Digital and so on.


Our focus is make CCTV, Electronics and Technology available to Australia, NZ and countries across the globe.  Our reliable shipping and warehousing ensures we dispatch products immediately the order is received.  Using fast insured freight your order is delivered safe and secure.  Not only do we ship to major cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide & Darwin, we also ship to small towns like Cooladdi, Wadeye, Tully & Inverell just to name a few.  If you are intending on purchasing products from outside of Australia, please send us an email.


Being Swann's Number 1. online partner, we are dedicated to delivering the full range of CCTV products. You'll find we are friendly, approachable, and committed to excellent service.


We are more than happy answering any questions, both technical and general. Our business is built on returning customers and friends that have been impressed with the level of service we have provided.  If you are interest in CCTV and do not know where to start then it would be a good decision to give us a call.  We focuses on providing long-term benefits, rather than short-term cheap fixes.

Over the last 18 years in business, we have served well over twenty thousand customers including;

  • General Consumers - Mums and Dads
  • Small Business Owners
  • Factory, Warehouses and Large Operations
  • Schools, Universities, TAFE
  • Medical including Suppliers, Medical Centres to Hospitals
  • Government, Defence, Police & AFP
  • Fire including Rural and Volunteer
  • Airports, Boating and Carparks.

We have worked closely with police providing video footage for events even in our own complex, and assisted customer provide video evidence to police for events that have lead to loss or vandalism.

Why Shop Online/In-Store With Us?

  • We're very knowledgeable on the technical and general aspects of each product
  • Fast Dispatch
  • Insured Deliveries
  • Simple Returns process
  • We do NOT charge Credit Card Fees or any payment fees
  • Tax Invoice with every purchase
  • Australian hard working business where all taxes stay in here.
  • Over 18 Years in business, reliable and secure.
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