VGA Powered Splitter 2 Way
  • VGA Powered Splitter 2 Way
VGA Powered Splitter 2 Way

VGA Powered Splitter 2 Way

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2 Way SVGA Powered Splitter - Split your DVR/NVR up to 2 Monitors

The Video Splitters broadcast and boost one VGA signal source for 2 VGA monitors respectively. There is no software or interface card to install. Just connect the cables, power up the system and you are ready to have duplicated VGA images for multiple monitors with excellent quality. Superb high bandwidth circuit enables high-resolution VGA signal of 350Mhz to be displayed on multiple monitors.


  • Duplicate one VGA input to multiple VGA outputs
  • Effective transmission distance: 65M
  • Automatic power-save when VGA input is lost
  • Applicable to VGA, SVGA and multi-sync monitors
  • Cascaded operation for increased VGA outputs
  • Crisp clear VGA images



What's in the box

  • VGA Splitter
  • Power Supply
  • Manual



  • VGA Ports x 2 Female HD15
  • Bandwidth 350Mhz
  • Signal - SVGA VGA Multi-sync
  • Max Cable Length 65M
  • Power 9V AC 200mA
  • Enclosure Metal
  • 400grams
  • 20mm x 85mm x 180mm