Swann 8MP SWNVR-88580 2TB 8 Channel...
    Swann 8MP SWNVR-88580 2TB 8 Channel...
    Swann 8MP SWNVR-88580 2TB 8 Channel...
    Swann 8MP SWNVR-88580 2TB 8 Channel...
    Swann 8MP SWNVR-88580 2TB 8 Channel...
    Swann 8MP SWNVR-88580 2TB 8 Channel...
    Swann 8MP SWNVR-88580 2TB 8 Channel...

    Swann 8MP SWNVR-88580 2TB 8 Channel IP Network Video Recorder for 5MP & 8MP Cams

    In Stock - Ships from Sydney
    • Swann Security 8 Channel IP Recorder
    • Pre installed 2TB HDD (will take up to 6TB)
    • Suits either 5MP OR 8MP 4K Day Night Indoor Outdoor Cameras
    • Simple Cameras Installation using 1 Cable PoE Ethernet Cat5/6
    • Mobile / Remote Viewing using FREE HomeSafe View APP
    • 12 Month Replacement Warranty
    Hard Disk Options


    Swann 8 Channel 4K Ultra HD Recorder with 2TB Hard Disk Drive - RECORDER ONLY


    SWNVR-88580-AU (for use in Australia/NZ - Australian Warranty - 12 Months)


    This listing is for the NVR only - The below description may refer to inclusion of cameras, please note that no cameras are supplied in this listing.

    This Recorder Supports up to 8x the following Cameras:

    • SWNHD-865MSB / MSFB - (5MP)
    • SWNHD-866MSD - (5MP)
    • SWNHD-885MSB / MSFB - (8MP/4K))
    • SWNHD-886MSD - (8MP/4K)


    This 8-channel network video recorder that lets you add up to 8 compatible Swann IP security cameras to build a customized NVR security system that’s truly yours. An 8-channel security system suits medium-sized properties for outdoor and indoor surveillance. Add cameras to get True Detect thermal motion sensing that triggers video recording & push notifications when they detect motion with heat. See your home on your phone, live or playback, from anywhere.

    Add compatible 4K cameras to get advanced 4K video analytics that are exclusive to 4K cameras, such as Face Detection and more, which recognize elements on the image to trigger recording & alerts. Link your NVR to your Dropbox and upload footage to the cloud, so that you have evidence safely stored off-site. Power over Ethernet cabling, PoE, makes installation a lot simpler by having power, audio and video transmitted via a single Ethernet cable per camera.


    Video Resolution Chart


    Product Key Features:


    • A state-of-the-art & easy to use surveillance system with 4K (or 8 Megapixels, which is 4x better than 1080p Full HD) Ultra High Definition video to see every detail & protect your premises

    • Set & forget by recording from 8 channels for 300 days+ onto a 2TB hard drive

    • Seeing is believing with 4 Ultra HD 4K cameras offering 40m infrared night vision & durable construction for indoors or outdoors. Add Swann NHD-885MSB / MSFB bullet or NHD-886MSD dome cameras for full 8 channel monitoring^

    • Save time & have peace of mind by easily locating the incident video, then transfer to external storage via USB or network

    • View live or playback video in high definition on your HDTV, LCD screen or monitor via HDMI connection or VGA port


    • True Detect Thermal Sensing Motion Detection

    The camera features a True Detect PIR sensor that triggers auto recording & pushes notifications when it senses heat, so it’ll only record relevant events. Warm objects, like people & cars, are more relevant to security.



    • Accurate Push Notifications

    You’ll get push notifications when cameras detect movement from warm objects, such as people and cars allowing you to act immediately and potentially prevent any costly security incident.



    • QuickShot Cloud saves snapshots to your Dropbox account

    Set up the system to upload still images to your Dropbox account in the cloud. So even if your security system gets stolen, you’ll have image evidence stored off-site.



    • View your home on your phone

    See the cameras live and playback recordings on your smartphone or tablet, no matter where you are in the world with the HomeSafe View app.


    • Easier Installation with Power over Ethernet

    Installation is now easier than ever with the NVR’s Ethernet ports which allow video, audio, and power to run from the NVR to the cameras through the same cable. Simply run the included CAT5 Ethernet cable from the camera to the NVR and click it into place.



    • Massive surveillance grade hard drive

    The massive 2TB HDD is designed especially for continuous surveillance recording. Easily transfer incident video files to a USB stick or to a computer on your network. With such massive storage, you can come back from your long vacation and still find recordings from a while back.


    Crime Prevention Smart Analytics

    With advanced detection software features, you’ll get an auto recording and email alerts to act immediately.


    Crime Prevention Smart Analytics

    With advanced detection software features, you’ll get an auto recording and email alerts to act immediately.



    Line Crossing Detection

    Draw a line on the image and set up the direction of the movement to be detected, that is, A to B, B to A or both ways to trigger recording & alerts. Detect people jumping a fence or entering a business.



    Static Object Detection

    Draw an area on the image and any static object removed from the area, or left inside the area will trigger recording & alerts. Protect valuables or use it on your porch to detect a parcel delivered.



    Person Detection

    This feature distinguishes movement of person-shaped objects to activate recording & alerts. Use it to detect anyone walking towards your property.



    Crossing Counter

    Draw a line on the image and any movement crossing the line will be counted in both directions in separate counters. Useful for businesses to count customers.



    What's Included in the box:  


    All InFront Technologies products are supplied brand new in the box - original seal, unopened.
    NVR-8580 8 Channel NVR with 2TB Hard Drive (this kit does NOT include any cameras)
    Cat5e Ethernet Cable 1m x 1
    HDMI Cable
    Power Adapter
    Quick Start Guide
    Theft Deterrent Stickers 

    Connection Type
    Wired - Ethernet IP Cat5e/6 NVR System
    Swann - AU
    12 Month + 6 Month Bonus
    Compatible with
    Swann SWNHD-865MSB / 866MSD (5MP) & 885MSB / 886MSD (8MP)
    Kit - Cameras included
    NVR Only (no cameras)
    Camera - Resolution
    8MP 4KUHD (3840x2160)
    Recorder - Video Inputs
    8 Ethernet RJ45 Sockets PoE
    Recorder - Display Resolution
    Up to 4K with full 8MP cameras
    Recorder - Hard Disk Drive - Included
    2TB Installed Drive
    Kit - includes Ethernet Cable
    Recorder - Max Capacity HDD
    1 SATA port, Maximum 6TB
    Smart Home Compatibility
    Amazon Alexa / Google Assistant
    NVR-88580, NVR-87580, NVR-88680, 4K IP Swann
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