ENSA Intelligent 36W LED Batten Light...
ENSA Intelligent 36W LED Batten Light...
ENSA Intelligent 36W LED Batten Light (1200mm) - LEDBT36WS
ENSA Intelligent 36W LED Batten Light (1200mm) - LEDBT36WS

ENSA Intelligent 36W LED Batten Light (1200mm) - LEDBT36WS

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  • Built in light sensor 
  • Adjustable microwave sensitivity
  • Time delay before light switch off is adjustable

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ENSA Intelligent 36W LED Batten Light (1200mm)




The ENSA™ LEDBT18WS is an automated, customisable, energy saving batten light. It features a 5.8GHz microwave motion sensor, daylight sensor and control electronics to compound energy savings offered by switching to LED from fluorescent tubes. The light will turn on when movement is detected inside the detection field and will stay on until a preset time has elapsed.

The light will only turn on the sensor when the measured LUX level is below a set threshold. As this light detects movement using a microwave based sensor, it has a wide detection range and unlike PIR sensors it may detect occupants through doors, glass windows or thin walls.


Product Highlights:


• Effectively halve power use compared to 600mm fluorescent twin battens.

• Compound your energy savings with adjustable daylight and motion sensors.

• 360° microwave sensor detects motion through doors, glass or even thin walls.

• IP65 rated: polyurethane gaskets, stainless steel clips and polycarbonate diffuser.

• Adjustable 10s ~ 12min on-time delay: perfect for carparks, stairwells and more.

• Built in light sensor which can be set to detect between 3 lux (“moon” position) and 2000 lux (“sun” position).

• Adjustable microwave sensitivity can be set to detect movement in a 2m to 16m radius.

• Time delay before switch off is automatically reset when the sensor detects movement, even if the light is still on. This means that intermittent movement will keep the light on.

Radio Frequency Emission: The RF output of the microwave sensor inside this product is less than 0.2mW - this equates to 1/5000th of the transmission power of a mobile phone or leakage output of a microwave oven.


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