Watchguard ACRDR101 Split-Decoded...
    Watchguard ACRDR101 Split-Decoded...

    Watchguard ACRDR101 Split-Decoded Access Controller

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    • User PIN Entry
    • Egress Delay, Warning And Alarm
    • Door Opening Alarm & Timer
    • Status LED Flashing On-Off during Standby
    • Easily to set up link up code with the keypads and the decoder
    • Three Independently Controlled Output Relays
    • Built-in Door Chime


    Watchguard Split-Decoded Access Controller




    Typical access control keypads contain the switching relay and control wiring within the keypad. Despite tamper and other built-in alert systems, with the correct know-how, these keypads can be sabotaged to function by forcefully accessing the control wiring.

    In a split system, a decoder installed in a secure location, processes keypad codes and card/keyfob signals as data. This split processing means the door lock is triggered via the data, rather than the switching relay in the keypad. The ACRDR101 is an access controller that allows users to create a higher security, split-decoded keypad access control systems.

    The ACRDR101 is capable of decoding RFID card/keyfobs, keypad codes and remote control signals to provide an additional layer of security to standalone keypad access control systems. It features 3 output relays, built-in door chime and tamper alarm, and comes standard with 2 remote controls for output/door chime remote triggering.

    The additional control offered by the ACRDR101 is excellent for enhancing the security of the access control system, but it can also interface with other systems. It features control terminals for duress, egress, inter-lock and external alarms. It also features a customisable unauthorised access lock for incorrect unlock attempts.


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