4TB Surveillance Hard Disk Drive - SkyHawk
    4TB Surveillance Hard Disk Drive - SkyHawk
    4TB Surveillance Hard Disk Drive - SkyHawk
    4TB Surveillance Hard Disk Drive - SkyHawk
    4TB Surveillance Hard Disk Drive - SkyHawk
    4TB Surveillance Hard Disk Drive - SkyHawk

    Seagate 4TB Surveillance Hard Disk Drive ST4000VX010 - SkyHawk

    In Stock - Ships from Sydney
    • 4TB Seagate Surveillance Drive
    • ImagePerfect™ firmware
    • Workload rating of 180TB/year
    • NVR-ready design
    • ATA streaming support
    • 1M hours MTBF, 3-year limited warranty
    • Lower power consumption
    • Tarnish-resistant components
    • Supplied as HDD Only - does not include installation


    4TB Surveillance Hard Disk Drive - SkyHawk


    These Surveillance HDDs are designed and tested for reliable use in 24/7 operating environments and are compatible with all VIP Vision™, Securview™ and Watchguard™ DVRs/NVRs. The innovative ImagePerfect firmware enables smooth, clear video streaming for always-on, 24/7 surveillance environments — helping to ensure your business can always have a formidable layer of protection.


    Give yourself the ultimate peace of mind with SkyHawk surveillance drives and never miss a frame, even in harsh environments. SkyHawk’s extreme workload rating, low power consumption and NVR ready design can improve long-term drive reliability. SkyHawk can also reliably perform in operating temperatures — from 0°C to 70°C — while tarnish-resistant components offer further protection out in the field.


    SkyHawk is built to scale with your needs and reliably performs in multi-drive systems. Multi-drive surveillance systems can rely on the SkyHawk’s RAID-optimised hardware, keeping drives and systems in the field longer.

    • NVR ready design enables reliable performance in DVR and NVR systems with 8+ drives
    • Robust drive design in a RAID environment maintains drive performance by improving vibration tolerance


    Be prepared for the unthinkable with a 3-year Seagate +Rescue Data Recovery Service plan. Under the protective wing of SkyHawk, vandalism, viruses and accidents are no longer the end of the world.

    • Fast and easy recovery process — data can often be restored in 15 days or less
    • Seagate leads the industry in data recovery with a 90% success rate





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