15m Cat5e Cable
15m Cat5e Cable
15m Cat5e Cable
15m Cat5e Cable

Cat5e 15 Metre Ethernet Cable with RJ45 plugs to suit IP Cameras & Networking - Blue

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Cat5e 15 Metre Factory made Network Cable to suit a variety of applications including Door Intercom DP870C / DP880, IP Cameras and your PC or Laptop

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Cat5e Ethernet Cable 15 Metre Blue to suit IP Cameras 

Designed for use with Swann Network Video Recorders (NVR's), IP Cameras or a range of other Swann Products as below.

Supplied complete with factory molded RJ45 ends, the cable will simply clip into the ethernet port.

Cat5e is good for network data speeds of up to 100mbps - should you require 1GB fast speeds we recommend Cat6 Cable.

Installation for Door Video Intercoms

If you are using this cable with the Swann Door Phone Intercoms, you will need to cut off the ends and strip back the cable.

Use this cable for Swann Door Phone Range

  • SWHOM-DP860C
  • SWHOM-DP880C


Using this cable with Analogue CCTV Cameras:

  • To use this cable with Analogue Video Cameras, you will need to purchase Video Baluns, cut the cable and use a pair to run the video signal.  The remaining 6 conductors can be twisted together to make 2 sets of 3 conductors, using a DC plug you can run the power through these.

It is important to remember when calculating the length of cable you need to allow for the vertical distance your cable will need to run as well as the horizontal distance from the camera to the NVR. It is always better to get a cable a few metres longer than you think you might need to allow for any unseen twists or turn you might have to get around when running the cable.

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