Night Vision Improvements

Night Vision, using additional Illuminators

Night Vision has always been a problem for many CCTV users. The distance at night has not been achievable even though well known manufacturers make distance promises, they often overstate the actual distances the cameras see.  

It comes down to simple mathematics and electronics how far the cameras will actually see.  In general, there are two main specs that will determine the night vision performance of a camera. The first being the camera sensor quality used, and secondly the total IR LEDs & the quality of these LEDS.  Unfortunately when producing main stream budget cameras, many major brands look at cost savings and include a low quality camera sensor and sacrifice the LED quality and quantity, hence reducing the true performance of the in built camera IRs.  This results in poor night vision performance.

Unfortunately the power budget in PoE CCTV recorders, and the (Power Supplies power budget) in analogue recorders do not allow for large IR LED quantities hence making it difficult to achieve long night vision distances.

Illuminators are the answer if you require further distances.  There are many uses from farms, parking lots to homes, IR Illuminators are the solution.  We like to refer to them as Night Vision Lamps or IR Lamps.

Available in a variety of configurations, these IR Lamps will increase the invisible IR Light in the area and significantly improve your cameras night vision.

There are several considerations which we try to cover below in our detailed explanation. 

Power Considerations

It is important to understand the correct power supply to purchase with your lamp, we can guide you to ensure your setup will last for years and years.  In the next section we explain the formula and give examples.

These IR Lamps can be powered via a 240V - 12V Power Supply, 12Volt Solar battery or stand-alone battery.  They are fairly power hungry and will require some calculations to ensure you achieve the times you need.

Our 60Watt Lamps draw 5Amps which will require a large battery for all night operation.  

Understanding Specifications

The specifications on our IR Lamps are fairly easy to understand.  There are 4 main things to consider:

  1. Operation Voltage is 12V
  2. Power Consumption in Watts
  3. Maximum Distance of the Lamp in perfect conditions.
  4. Angle of the Light.

Remember the formula:

Power = Voltage x Current (P=VI)

In this example, 28Watts at 12V would require a power supply of a minimum current of (I = P/V) = 2.33Amps.  There are other factors to consider, cable length / voltage drop etc.  It would be wise to use a thicker 12V cable and keep the length to a minimum.  We would suggest a 4AMP supply for this example. Always use a higher current power supply than required as the lamp will only use the current it requires. Smaller power supplies will get very hot then fail with the possibility of catching on fire.  WARNING: never use a power supply with a lower rating than required.

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