Hikvision Ax Pro Wireless Keypad - HIK-PK1-EHIK-PK1-E

Hikvision Ax Pro Wireless Keypad - HIK-PK1-E

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  • Stay/away function for arming and disarming and alarm clearing for specified areas
  • One push fire alarm, panic alarm and medical alarm
  • Full touch key design with LED backlight
  • Fully remote configurable through the Hik-Connect app
  • Easy installation design
  • Easily replaceable battery with PCB protection
  • Frequency hopping


Hikvision Ax Pro Wireless Keypad




The Hikvision HIK-PK1-E wireless keypad connects to the AX PRO wireless alarm hub for alarm control and operation. It has two-way wireless communication, tamper protection, low battery, and RF supervision and it is fully configurable through the Hik-Connect app.

N.B. The AX PRO system is not compatible with the Axiom system.


Product Features:

● 433 MHz two-way wireless communication 

● AES-128 encryption

● Stay/away from arming, disarming, or alarm clearing for a specified area or all areas

● LED indicates the programmed area

● One-push fire alarm, panic alarm, and medical alarm. A silent/Audible alarm is selectable. etc.

● Output control

● Full touch key design with LED backlight

● Fully remote configurable through the App

● Multiple enrollment methods and easy installation design

● Easily replaceable battery

● Frequency hopping against jamming for reliable transmission


Product Specifications:

Tamper: rear

RF transmission range: 900m (open area)

Frequency: 433Mhz

Encryption: AES-128

Battery type: AA x 4

Battery life: 2 years

Size: 140mm x 86mm x 22mm

Weight, without batteries: 151g


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Hikvision Australia

Hikvision is globally the largest manufacturer of CCTV, this manufacturing giant also OEMs CCTV for many well known brands.

It is important to note, that from December 2015, Hikvision is encoding all cameras with software to stop parallel importing.  Therefore if you purchase direct from China through well known websites the cameras will not work with Australian NVR's.  InFront Technologies has direct relationships with Hikvision Australia and therefore all our Hikvision stock has been purchased through Australian channels.

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