IVSEC 8MP 4K AI 2TB 8CH 6x850B Bullet Cameras UHD IVK8L-8506B
IVSEC 8MP 4K AI 2TB 8CH 6x850B Bullet Cameras UHD IVK8L-8506B
IVSEC 8MP 4K AI 2TB 8CH 6x850B Bullet Cameras UHD IVK8L-8506B
IVSEC 8MP 4K AI 2TB 8CH 6x850B Bullet Cameras UHD IVK8L-8506B
IVSEC 8MP 4K AI 2TB 8CH 6x850B Bullet Cameras UHD IVK8L-8506B
IVSEC 8MP 4K AI 2TB 8CH 6x850B Bullet Cameras UHD IVK8L-8506B
IVSEC 8MP 4K AI 2TB 8CH 6x850B Bullet Cameras UHD IVK8L-8506B
IVSEC 8MP 4K AI 2TB 8CH 6x850B Bullet Cameras UHD IVK8L-8506B
IVSEC 8MP 4K AI 2TB 8CH 6x850B Bullet Cameras UHD IVK8L-8506B
IVSEC 8MP 4K AI 2TB 8CH 6x850B Bullet Cameras UHD IVK8L-8506B
IVSEC 8MP 4K AI 2TB 8CH 6x850B Bullet Cameras UHD IVK8L-8506B
IVSEC 8MP 4K AI 2TB 8CH 6x850B Bullet Cameras UHD IVK8L-8506B
IVSEC 8MP 4K AI 2TB 8CH 6x850B Bullet Cameras UHD IVK8L-8506B
IVSEC 8MP 4K AI 2TB 8CH 6x850B Bullet Cameras UHD IVK8L-8506B
IVSEC 8MP 4K AI 2TB 8CH 6x850B Bullet Cameras UHD IVK8L-8506B
IVSEC 8MP 4K AI 2TB 8CH 6x850B Bullet Cameras UHD IVK8L-8506B
IVSEC 8MP 4K AI 2TB 8CH 6x850B Bullet Cameras UHD IVK8L-8506B
IVSEC 8MP 4K AI 2TB 8CH 6x850B Bullet Cameras UHD IVK8L-8506B
IVSEC 8MP 4K AI 2TB 8CH 6x850B Bullet Cameras UHD IVK8L-8506B
IVSEC 8MP 4K AI 2TB 8CH 6x850B Bullet Cameras UHD IVK8L-8506B
IVSEC 8MP 4K AI 2TB 8CH 6x850B Bullet Cameras UHD IVK8L-8506B
IVSEC 8MP 4K AI 2TB 8CH 6x850B Bullet Cameras UHD IVK8L-8506B

IVSEC 8MP 4K AI 2TB 8CH 6x850B Bullet Cameras UHD NVR CCTV Security System (8x6)

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$ 1,798.00
  • IVSEC Next Gen Advanced Deterrent AI CCTV Security Kit
  • 6x IVSEC 850B 8MP (4K) Wired Cameras @ 20fps + 110° Angle of View 
  • 8Ch Recorder | 128MBps Bandwidth | 2TB (Max 16TB 1xSATA)
  • 8x PoE+ Ports Supporting PTZ and other high powered cameras
  • 2-WAY Audio | Supports microSD max 256GB
  • AI Motion Detection | Spotlights & Blue/Red Deterrent Lights
  • Colour Night Vision Lights on - B&W with IR
  • DWDR, 35Mtr IR, 30Mtr Spotlight | Support ONVIF
  • Alloy Housing IP66 for all weather installs
  • Mobile App (Registration free), instantly connect to your cameras
  • Supports Win, MAC, iOS, Android, Smartphones Tablets.
  • Includes 3x 20M & 3x 30M Cat5e Ethernet cables
  • Australian Company, AU Support, AU Hosted QR Codes & Firmwares.
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Trade Welcome | Distributor InFront
Hard Disk Options


IVSEC 8MP 4K AI 2TB 8CH 6x850B Bullet Cameras UHD NVR CCTV Security System (8x6)




Next Generation CCTV Security Camera Kit with AI Functions, including Person, Vehicle, Line Crossing, Face Database, Licence Plate Database.


Welcome to the next generation of CCTV cameras which support amazing features and utilize Artificial Intelligence (AI) for very accurate notifications. iVSEC 850/880 Series of CCTV Cameras when used with the NVR8000/9000 NVR's support amazing AI features that will change the way you use CCTV in your business or home.  Exceptional quality and feature rich CCTV system includes 2-Way Audio, Warm Bright White Light (about 4x your mobile phone light), Flashing Red/Blue Police Style LEDs, Loud Siren and AI functions which are all programmable via a detailed schedule menu to ensure you are covered 24/7. 


InFront's 20 Years of experience in conjunction with iVSEC have developed this range of CCTV Cameras which covers all bases at competitive price points. Better frame rates, all the bells and whistles like 2-Way Audio, Flashing Lights, Free App, AI, High Speed NVR Processor and most importantly Australian Secure Servers and Support (your Personal Data is too important to allow overseas servers & support centres to get their hands on it.).


This Series, iVSEC 850 Range offers a system that out performs other brands without sacrificing key features - simple features like frame rates are critical in identifying targets moving quick through the screen or low light performance where images become very pixelated at low lux levels. If you're specifically looking for higher frame rates and better low light performance, then our iVSEC 880 Series is an option utilizing a Sony Starvis Sensor 8MP at 25fps and a built-in Powerful AI chipset.


This security camera kit offers 6x 8MP 4K Cameras at 20fps with many options. The 850B or 850D cameras are packed with many features including 2-Way Audio, Smart Motion Detection + AI, Strobe Light, Siren, Weatherproof Housing, Easy Mounting, Long 3 Year Warranty and Plug & Play setup. The 8 Channel NVR which includes a 2TB HDD pre-installed (upgradeable) and proper Cat5e Cable in various lengths.


Sounds really good, but I am only a Novice! The System "out of the box" is set to "Basic Settings" with a Setup Wizard where it can be used by a Novice however the system is extremely powerful! and with advanced settings can be setup for a very complex installation.

The Cameras also support microSD Cards that allow you to either; use the cameras standalone, or as a second recording point should your recorder become stolen.


Features at a Glance:


  • Available in either Bullet 850B or Dome 850D
  • 8MP 1/2.8" Progressive CMOS sensor @ 20fps
  • 110° Angle of View - perfect for installation in the corner of the room or looking over a yard.
  • 256Kbps - 16Mbps Bitrate | H.265/H.264 | 3 Streams | CBR or VBR
  • ONVIF Profiles S/G/T - will work on other recorders &/or other cameras are compatible with this system*
  • White, Red/Blue and IR fully adjustable lights
  • Supports up to 256GB microSD for recording at the edge | camera can be used standalone via a network switch
  • Cameras support PoE or 12V
  • AI Functionality (1 AI mode can be active per camera, choose from):
    • Face Detection (Face Database via the recorder - (880B/D Supports AI Face Database at the camera))
    • Human & Vehicle Detection - detects a Human or Vehicle for more accurate alerts
    • Perimeter Intrusion
    • Line Crossing Detection
    • Cross Counting | Counts the amount of objects crossing a line
    • Stationary Object Detection
    • Heat Map (Excellent option for retail, create a map of where your customers go in your store and merchandise your store accordingly)
    • Crowd Density Detection
    • Queue Length Detection
    • Rare Sound Detection
  • Standard Motion Detection + AI can work simultaneously
  • Option for Continuous Recording
  • Easily accessible reset switch and microSD slot.



  • Network Video Recorder (NVR) which is ONVIF compatible, where a wide range of cameras will suit, including PTZ's, Varifocal and others - you are not limited to just a couple of specific cameras.
  • Supplied standard with a 2TB HDD - supports up to 16TB via a single SATA Port (upgrades available)
  • Supplied with 48V 2Amp Power Supply, 240V Cable, HDMI Cable, Network Cable for Router, Mouse
  • Massive Incoming Bandwidth @ 128Mbps easily supporting 8x Cameras at full 8MP Resolution and 16Mbps bitrate (impressive!)
  • 8x PoE+ Ports that support higher power consumption devices like PTZ's (max 100mtr cable runs)
  • GUI / User Interface - Fast and responsive Menus that are easy to navigate. Includes a Start Up Wizard for fast setup.
  • Super responsive playback and search - search by date / time, search by Attributes like Male/Female, Glasses, Age etc.
  • AI Functionality, supports all AI functions including Face Database with ReportingHeat Map with Reporting.
  • IMPORTANT | The $Free IVSEC X Mobile App does not require user registration. This means you are not required to give away your email address to access the system, this makes for a more secure private connection to your cameras. This also means you can have an unlimited amount of users without any fees or charges and for the installer, a much faster method to connect and setup remote viewing.
  • Options for P2P, DDNS or Direct Connection via IP Address. Supports RTSP, IPv4 & 6 and other Networking Options.
  • Most settings are editable from the Mobile App, including schedule, live viewing settings and others.
  • Alarm outputs(8) for triggering external devices - example: Car approaches between midnight and 5am and a floodlight is turned on (requires external components - output is a simple on/off low voltage contact)
  • Software Supports PC & MAC | Device Search/Config Tool, Surveillance Client CMS/VMS | Mobile App (QR Code or Direct IP)
  • WebViewer IE10/11 | Safari V12.1+ | Firefox V.52+ | Chrome V.57+ | Edge V.79+ (Software Downloads here)

Other important points

  • Australian Phone Support, Australian Hosted Firmwares, Australian Hosted QR Codes, Australian Company.
  • NDAA Approval - iVSEC is approved for use in all installations and is not on the Banned List like other CCTV Companies.
  • This product uses Wired Cameras which are significantly better than Wireless Cameras.
  • Wired CCTV Cameras offer a more stable, secure connection that never go offline due to signal loss.
    • Important Points to Note about Wireless:
      • We do not recommend the use of Wireless CCTV Systems unless you have no other choice.
      • Wireless Cameras suffer from Poor Signal and go "Off Line" or provide poor image quality from low signal strength
      • Wireless Cameras are susceptible to "Jamming" / "Taking Control" of the Cameras by the simple use of a "Pineapple"
      • Wireless Cameras could be vulnerable to hacking and cyberattacks
      • To preserve battery life, wireless battery operated cameras go to sleep and miss events
      • Wireless CCTV Battery Systems often need replacement of expensive batteries
      • Wireless CCTV Battery Systems often need charging as their published standby times are misrepresented.

IVNC-850B Bullet Style CCTV IP Ethernet Security Cameras (QTY 6)

The 850B IP security camera offers Advanced Deterrent features such as White Light, Red/Blue Strobing Lights and/or Siren all of which are programmable via a schedule. The cameras also support 2-Way Audio where you can talk and listen to the camera scaring off a would be intruder or talk to the postie. Stylish Housing is a compliment to any home or business, where it is large enough to be noticed and small enough to fit in with the style of the property. The Camera Housing is made from Alloy where it is sturdy and rated to IP66(weatherproof) which means you can install it practically anywhere.


Motion Detection and Alerts: Using a combination of Motion Detection and AI functions will reduce false alarms significantly. Unlike PIR Detection which is limited to 6metres, the AI function can trigger alerts greater than 30mtrs and can specifically target a person or vehicle. As every installation and environmental factors are different using a combination of AI and/or motion will ensure you can choose the best setting for each camera. Using the schedule, you can run alerts only after 9pm and before 5am for example.


The IVSEC 850B/D IP security cameras feature an 8 Megapixel Image Sensor with a 2.8mm Lens offering 110° Viewing Angle. Built in IR / White Light / Flashing Red Blue Lights gives you the option of either Colour Night Vision, IR Night Vision and/or Flashing Deterrent.

When used together with the IVSEC 8000/9000 series recorders, this camera will be automatically detected with Plug & Play. This 850B camera features an IP66 water-resistant which means this video surveillance camera can be used both indoors and outdoors. This camera features H.265/H.264 video compression technology. A great all round camera perfect for your property or use in a retail store, there are many options for this camera.


Crystal Clear Clarity

Very High 8MP UHD Camera ensures every detail is captured with precision, for the ultimate surveillance experience.


Capture the Moment

Incredible speed, providing you with smooth and seamless footage. Never miss a moment.


Cater To Your Surveillance Needs

The device configuration tool enables seamless maintenance and allows searching the network for IVSEC devices.


Monitor & Update Remotely

View live camera footage, receive alerts on the go, schedule alarms, and more with the iVSEC App.


Full Vivid Colour

Advanced Features with Vibrant Color and High-Quality Imaging at Night.


Deter, Detect, And Defend

In-built protection Siren, Flashing Lights, and Scheduling Assistant for Enhanced Security. Advanced Deterrent.


Value AI

Complete protection with accurate and targeted alerts to potential threats & reducing false alarms.


Two-Way Audio

Allows for remote communication between the camera and a connected device.


Sensor & Schedule Light

Motion-triggered smart night vision provides colour even in dark conditions.


Made To Withstand The Elements

With a metal casing, IP66 provides weatherproof monitoring & incredible durability.


Video Management Software

Aggregate NVR/IP cameras easily. Pool viewable camera channels & feeds at numerous locations.


Camera Specifications:

Image Sensor 1/2.8" Progressive CMOS
Frame Per Second 8MP 20fps
Maximum Video Resolution 8MP 3840(H)×2160(V)
Minimum Colour Illumination Colour 0.007lux @ F1.0(AGC ON)
Min. Illumination B/W 0lux@IR LED ON
Lens 2.8 mm (H.FOV: 110°)
Min. Object Distance 2M
Lens Type Fixed (M12)
Warm Light 2
Red, Blue Light 2(1 Red & 1 Blue)
IR Viewable Length Up to 35m
Warm Light Viewable Length Up to 30m
Type of complementary light Default warm light, switchable infrared light
Motion Detection Off/On (8 Level)
Wide Dynamic Range DWDR
Digital Noise Reduction 3D DNR
Day/Night Mode Full-colour Mode/Day & Night Mode/Schedule
White Balance Auto/Manual
Electronic Shutter Speed 1/5 ~ 1/20000s
Privacy Zone YES
Motion Detection YES
Facial Recognition with NR8-8000, NR16-9000
On-Board Storage Micro SD slot, up to 256GB
Cloud option (camera only) NA
Audio Two-way Audio up to 8m
Siren YES
Custom Voice YES
Hardware Reset YES
Smart Feature

Face Detection(FD) Human & Vehicle Detection(PD&VD)Perimeter Intrusion Detection(PID)

 Line Crossing Detection(LCD) Cross Counting(CC)Stationary Object Detection(SOD)

 Heat Map(HM)Crowd Density Detection CD)Queue Lenght Detection(QD)

 Rare Sound Detection(RSD)

Ethernet RJ45(10/100BASE-T)
Video Compression Format H.265/H.264


 8MP (3840x2160), 5MP (2592x1944, 3072x1728), 4MP (2592x1520), 3MP (2304x1296), 1080P (1920x1080), 960P (1280*960), 720P(1280x720)


 720P(1280x720), VGA (640x480), QVGA (320x240)


 VGA (640x480), QVGA(320x240)

Video Quality Adjustment 256Kbps ~ 16Mbps
Multiple Streams (encode format) 3 Streams
Bitrate control method CBR/VBR
IP IPv4 / IPv6
Security IP address filter; complicated password; Authenticated username and password
Application Programming Interface ONVIF (Profile S/G/T)
Web Viewer


Safari V12.1 above

Firefox V.52 above

Google Chrome V.57 above

Edge V.79 above

Software Device Search/Config Tool, Surveillance Client (CMS/VMS), Mobile app (QR code)
Operating Conditions -35~+60°C/less than ≤ 95% RH
Ingress Protection IP66
Indoor / Outdoor Both
Power Supply Power over Ethernet IEEE 802.3af, DC12V
Power Consumption <11W
Material Alloy Metal Construction


IVSEC NVR 8000-2TB Network Video Recorder

The IVSEC NVR 8000-2TB is a network video recorder (NVR) capable of supporting up to 8 IP security cameras and of recording at up to 12-megapixel resolution. It’s easy to install and has an intuitive user interface. When used with IVSEC 850B cameras, installation is plug-and-play.

The NVR has 8x built-in PoE+ ports where the Data (camera images) and power share the same cat5e/6 cable. Remotely view footage from your security cameras (live or playback) over the internet via your PC, mobile, or tablet. Easily set up the app by simply scanning the QR code which is on your IVSEC network video recorder.

The NVR 8000-2TB NVR can have up to 16TB of storage. This NVR features H.265+, H.265, H.264+, H.264 video compression which saves HDD space maximizing the recording length. Once the Hard Disk Drive is full, the oldest footage is recorded over.

This NVR comes with free VMS software which allows you to access the NVR from compatible Windows or Mac OS computers, either locally or via the cloud (simply scan the QR code).


Key Features:

  • 8 PoE+ ports built-in
  • Motion Detection, IVS -Perimeter Intrusion Detection, Face Recognition, Human & Vehicle Detection, Line Crossing Detection, Stationary Object Detection, Crossing Counting, Heat Map, Crowd Density Detection, Queue Length Detection, License Plate Detection, Rare Sound Detection, Video Tampering
  • Bays x 1, Up to 16TB HDD
  • Device Search/Config Tool, Surveillance Client (CMS/VMS), Mobile app


What's in the Box

* ONVIF Standards - be aware not all cameras that state ONVIF compatibility will operate with all functions on any system.  Some features &/or full compatibility may not be available.

iVSEC CCTV Camera Kit
Maximum Resolution
8.0MP (3840 x 2160) / 4.0MP (2560 x 1440) / 1080p (1920 x 1080)
Storage Capacity
Support max. 16TB Hard drive (Inbuilt 2TB Included)
Ethernet IP Cabling Cat5e/Cat6
Cables Included
x3 20M & x3 30M Cat5e Blue Ethernet Cable
Number of Channels
8 Channel NVR
AI Face Rec | Heat | IR Night | Spotlight/Red & Blue | 2-Way Audio & Siren
Smart Home Compatibility
Works with Mobile/PC Application
Video Recorder Display Resolution
4K Ultra-HD 8MP (3840x2160)
Manufacturer Warranty
3 Year Australian Based Warranty
Surveillance Technology
Smart Home Protocol
Infrared + Spotlights (Colour Night Vision)
In/Outdoor Cameras (Indoor Recorder)
Number of Cameras Included
Colour Mode

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