Power Splitter 6-Way Swann CCTV AC/DC...

    Power Splitter 6-Way Swann CCTV AC/DC General Power 2.1mm

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    1 For DC Female to 6 Male Power Splitter Cable

    Plug Diameter: 5.5 mm outer, inner 2.1 mm

    A convenient and cost-effective way to power up

    6 cameras with 1 power adapter

    This For DC Power Adapter Y Cable Pigtail splits 1 power signal into 6 and is useful for powering multiple cameras from one central adapter.

    length :15inch

    6 Channel Power Cable Splitter For Security


    Swann CCTV DC 6 Way General Power Splitter




    This is a very simple splitter cable perfect for using multiple cameras on 1 power supply.  One female 2.1mm DC socket then 25cm cable and 6 x Male 2.1mm Plugs. It is very important to ensure the total load of the cameras does NOT exceed the output current of your power supply. 



    Simple calculations:  If you have 8 cameras using 300mA each = 2.4Amps - you need a minimum 2.5Amp power supply, preferably 3Amps.


    Cam1+Cam2+......+Cam8 = Total Current Required.


    Should you require a larger power supply please search the site, we have larger supplies available

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