Securaview 50M Infrared Illuminator with a 60 degree Beam Angle

    Securview 11W 50M 60° Night Vision Infrared Illuminator Extender - 1AMP

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    • Powerful 11W Infrared Illuminator
    • 50 Metre Illumination Range
    • Mid range 60° Beam Angle
    • Auto Day/Night Switch
    • 2.1mm DC Socket
    • IP66 rated for indoor and outdoor use
    • Requires 12V @ 1-1.5AMP PSU


    Securview 11W 50M Infrared Illuminator with a 60 Degree Beam Angle




    This Infrared illuminator is compatible with any security cameras that use Infrared light to be able to see at night. Traditionally cameras only have the infrared light provided by the few LED's on the front of the camera to help it see at night. This infrared illuminator act's like an Infrared floodlight and floods the area with a large amount of infrared light that is invisible to the human eye but the cameras will be able to use the extra light to make a huge improvement to the quality of the night vision already available.

    This VSIR11W60D is IP66 rated with tempered glass panel and aluminum die-casting housing, suitable for indoor or outdoor use. This illuminator has a good mid-range beam with a good mix of width and range which make it suitable for broad range of situations like covering a larger backyard or driveway as well as covering areas such as loading docks and storage areas at commercial premises.




    Product Features:


    • High-performance IR illuminator for all lighting conditions
    • 12x High power IR LEDs with 50m IR distance
    • IP66 Rated with tempered glass panel and aluminium die-cast housing
    • Day to night auto-switching
    • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use
    • Beam angle: 60°
    • This product requires a 12V @ 1-1.5A power supply to run (Sold Separately)

    Securview Australia
    3 Year Warranty
    Camera - IP Rating - Ingress Protection - Weather Resistance
    IP66 - Weather Proof - Strong Rain
    Camera - Power Supply Included?
    No Power Supply included
    Camera - Power Supply
    12V DC
    Camera - Power Consumption
    `Product Weight
    IR Beam Angle
    60 Degrees
    Day / Night Mode
    Auto Switch
    IR Beam Reach
    50 Metres
    LED Type
    6pc High Power IR LED
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