Dahua DHI-DSS4004-S2 DSS Express

Dahua DSS Express Economical Surveillance System - DHI-DSS4004-S2

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  • Cost-effective
  • Preloaded with linux-optimized easy-to-use DSS Express, which makes the deployment simplified
  • Pre-activated 256 video channels can save the enormous costs of projects
  • High Reliability
  • Long-term stability test makes the hardware, OS and software more compatibile


Dahua DSS Express Economical Surveillance System - DHI-DSS4004-S2




DSS4004-S2 is an economical general surveillance system preloaded with Linux-optimized DSS Express, which improves the reliability of the whole system. It supports up to 256 network cameras and integrates video, access control, video intercom and AI functions, which provides a cost-effective all-in-one solution.



· Preloaded with Linux-optimized easy-to-use DSS Express, which makes the deployment simplified

· Pre-activated 256 video channels can save the enormous costs of projects

High Reliability

· Long-term stability test makes the hardware, OS, and software more compatible


Main Functions:

•General Functions

Organization Management

· Achieve device group management through organization

Device Management

· Device initialization: Initialize Dahua's device

· Add devices via auto search, IP

· Manage Dahua’s devices such as network camera, network speed dome, thermal camera, NVR, DVR, access control, etc.

Users & Authorities

· Add, edit and delete the users

· Assign different users with different permissions

· User can be restricted by the MAC and expiry data

· Set user PTZ permissions


· Central storage: local disk storage and extend storage via ISCSI

· Add, edit, delete, enable and disable the record plan

· Supports edge storage and central storage

Bind Resource 

· Bind access control channels with the corresponding cameras


· Play back the record from the edge devices or central storage

· Video filter: normal, motion, alarm, video loss, tampering video

· Sync play

· Reverse playback

· Playback frame-by-frame

· Support 1X, 2X,4X,8X,16X,32X,64X, 1/2X, 1/4X, 1/8X, 1/16X, 1/32X, 1/64X playback

· Lock or mark the important record for central storage

· Support smart search


· Raster map, main map and sub-maps

· Up to 8 levels of submap

· Add, edit and delete the hot spots (camera, alarm input) on the map

· View the live video and playback on the map

· Zoom in and zoom out the map

· Support visible range and initial angle

· Icon flashes on the map when an alarm occurs

Video Wall

· Add and manage the video wall

· Support screen ID on/off

· Support combining screens to one screen

· Bind decoding channel to screen

· Decode the real-time video to the wall

· Decode the playback video to the video wall

· Manually/automatically decode to wall

· Control the video wall split

· Change the stream type of video channel

· Add box, the screen on/off, and local display on the client

· Tour the video channels in a single window

· Schedule plan: Set the running task on the timeline

· Tour plan: loop display of different tasks, setting loop time

· Support NKB1000/NKB5000 to control video wall to control video wall

Live View

· Common layout and customized layout

· PTZ control

· Manual recording

· Snapshot

· Fisheye dewraping

· Audio talk

· Set alarm window

· Turn on/off the audio in live view

· Region of interest: Divide one window into 4 or 6 parts

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Dahua is committed to providing its highest quality solutions and products with the latest technologies to enable end users to perform their business successfully. In 2001, Dahua became the first company in China to launch an 8-channel real-time embedded digital video recorder. Since then, the company has continued to invest in building strong R&D capabilities for new technology and innovation.

Dahua has invested about 10% of its annual sales revenue in R&D since 2014. The company has four research institutes – Advanced Technology Institute, Big Data Institute, Chip Institute and Video Cloud Institute -- and more than 6,000 R&D engineers and technical staff working on cutting-edge technologies in AI, IoT, Cloud services, video, cyber security, and software reliability and other technologies. Dahua has registered over 800 patents as of 2016.

Since 2014, Dahua has ranked 2nd in the global video surveillance equipment market according to an IHS report, and in 2017 Dahua ranked 3rd in the a&s international "Security 50".

Dahua’s core video surveillance product line, including network cameras, NVRs, and HD over coax, can be applied in many sectors, including banking & finance, government, industrial, retail, sports & leisure, transportation, and energy.

Featuring customized technical innovations and end-to-end services, our intelligent traffic solutions and other solutions earn customer trust by best solving their problems. Numerous major projects have been installed with Dahua solutions and products - the 2016 Rio Olympics, 2016 Hangzhou G20 Summit, Oman Avenues Shopping Mall, LAN Airlines in Peru, APEC in China, as well as many others.

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